HiFunMat: Hierarchical and Functional Materials


To meet the strong demand in the industry for people with a solid background in materials science, students are offered to obtain supplementary training on hierarchical and functional materials (HiFunMat) for health, environment and energy, comprising 18 additional ECTS points. This additional training is proposed across chemistry, physics, biology and advanced materials. HiFunMat graduate school training involves interdisciplinary courses, a training camp with lab activities, a summer school. The student will have the opportunity to tailor a rich training experience in materials science and in various soft skills, leading to a “skills portfolio”. Moreover, the contact with industrials will be fostered by different activities (company visits, etc…). After a strict admission procedure including an interview, all selected students will be offered a monthly stipend of 600€. Upon successful training achievement, students will receive along with their Master’s degree the label of the HiFunMat Graduate School.