In this course we will discuss the physical properties of soft matter physics systems involving the synthetic systems (Polymers, gels, colloids … etc.) and natural or living systems (filaments, active gels, membranes).

We will introduce basic theoretical models to explain the experimental results obtained on the mechanical properties of polymer chains and the different behavior obtained on the living polymers. We will describe several experimental technics to characterize theses systems at different scales: light scattering and micromanipulation technics.

Other topics will be discussed in this course especially the biomimitic systems : from synthetic gel to the artificial muscles. Finally, we will introduce the fluctuation dissipation theorem and to apply it the gel and cell.

The physical approach is based on statistical physics. All the basic concepts necessary are introduced progressively.

  1. Introduction to the physics of soft Matter
  2. Physics of polymers and biopolymers
  3. Experimental technics to characterize these systems
  4. Biomimetic systems : from synthetic gel to artificial muscles .
  5. Fluctuation and dissipation theorem
  6. Application to the gel and cell